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Description of Bioenergetics By Alexander Lowens


Every chronic muscular spasm is a restriction of the individual freedom of movement and _expression. It is therefore a limitation on his capacity for pleasure.

Every chronically tense muscle is a contracted muscle that has to be stretched to activate its potential for movement. Stretching a contracted muscle, which is elastic tissue, sets it into vibration, which may vary from fine fibrillation to gross shaking depending on the degree of tension and the amount of stretch...

Concerning Primal Self Therapy by Alice Miller


I am frequently asked what I consider to be the decisive factor in psychotherapy today. Is it the recognition of the truth, liberation from the enforced vow of silence and from idealization of one's parents, or is it the presence of an Enlightened Witness? My view is that it is not a question of either-or but of both-and. Without the Enlightened Witness it is impossible to bear the truth of what happened to us in early infancy. But by the term Enlightened Witness I do not mean anyone who has studied psychology or has been through primal experiences with a guru and has remained in his thrall. For me...

Concerning Foregiveness by Alice Miller


The mistreated and neglected child is completely alone in the darkness of confusion and fear. Surrounded by arrogance and hatred, robbed of its rights and its speech, deceived in its love and its trust, disregarded, humiliated, mocked in its pain, such a child is blind, lost, and pitilessly exposed to the power of ignorant adults. It is without orientation and completely defenseless.