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Bring Yourself back Home

Our modern sophisticated culture is falling apart,

it is dis-eased. We are at the cliff’s edge of “fly or die”. Bringing with it a collective soul search. Is there a New Metaphor to live by? Buddha said “independent core rising of phenomena” You can’t separate anything from anything else. You as an individual arose from the collective. Dis-ease is a process, it is not a separate entity - it arose from the collective as well. And Buddha said…Find the face you were before you were born. Which means coming back to essence, the only journey worth taking. A search for our self, our essence, the truth of who we really are, breaking through the veil of lies, of trauma, of anything that separated us from ourselves. Letting go of out-of-date beliefs that make us sick.

We Must do our own shadow work, it's the only way out. Change our thinking, change our world Azzah

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