Microdosing psilocybin or “magic mushrooms” is on the rise. More and more people are preferring to take psilocybin for depression, anxiety, paranoia etc., because there are no horrible side effects. Doing my own research, I found many scientists are saying that it integrates the communication system in the brain, reducing hierarchy. For example, in our consumer society, we value head/intellect over heart/emotions. What psilocybin does is equalize rational intelligence with emotional intelligence. It connects intuition, perception, creativity, and sensory functions. It opens up new pathways of learning. It invokes neuroplasticity. Welcome to the new age. Linking as opposed to ranking.


    You don’t need to throw away everything you believe, Descartes-style. But you could benefit greatly from taking an audit of your most deeply held beliefs. It’s only fairly recently that I’ve realised just how important and potentially life-changing this can be. I’ve been a philosopher for (almost) my entire career, and a couple of years ago I started using my philosophical skills and training to coach people to overcome their difficulties. What sort of difficulties? There are many, of course, but something I encounter again and again in my coaching clients, who are invariably smart and switched-on people, is a bewilderment about how to get to where they want to be. They just can’t see a path to that job, that career, that family life they’d like, given their current commitments and situation. 


    Trauma blocks us from being present and puts us in reaction to life. It is an emotional wound that does not heal with time.
    It shows up in all our relationships. We get lost in hurt and suffering. Separating us from ourselves. Blocking our potential and possibilities. Our creativity, imagination, and innovation begin to atrophy. We owe it to ourselves to clear what is not our nature.

    Healing emotional trauma is the most important thing you can do

    An emotional wound does not heal with time. It blocks us from being present and puts us in re-action to life. It shows up in all our relationships, that's why the divorce rate is so high despite all vows and promises. Each person in the relationship is triggered by the other.

    We become negative, rigid and get lost in hurt and suffering, attracting the same emotional pain over and over again.

    It blocks our potential and possibilities.

    Our creativity, imagination and innovation begin to atrophy.

    We owe it to ourselves to clear what is not our nature.

    By healing our emotional wounds, we come out of repetitive self-destructive patterns, out of fear fantasies and into the present moment.

    All the great sages through time say:

    “You are much greater than you can possibly imagine”

    And that will be the outcome of clearing the density of emotional wounds.


    Limiting beliefs can significantly restrict our personal growth and life experiences. However, by becoming aware of these beliefs, understanding their origins, and actively working to challenge and update them, we can break free from their constraints. This process of self-examination and belief revision is key to personal growth, allowing us to create a more empowering and fulfilling life narrative.

    Old beliefs restrict seeing how we are now, and block our potential.

    By changing our thinking we change our life.