“After working with Azzah everything changed. I'm now a successful psychotherapist. I'm working with kids and adults...I've done things in the drug abuse field and in mental health and all kinds of things that I wouldn't have done before.”​

James Feiser.

"Before I met Azzah, I lived a half-life. I had just recovered from cancer, which nearly killed me at the age of 39. During chemotherapy, I knew that if I didn't do something to change what I believed about life, about myself I wouldn't be given another chance."


       "Having met Azzah at the age of 10 was a true gift that has lost no value. She started counseling my family during a period of major conflict and divorce. It was a time where each family member had particular needs, hurts/pains and hardships in our individual lives. To an extant, we had each broken hearts, confused minds and many unanswered questions. As Azzah puts it, “moments of crisis are the greatest moments for change.” Looking back at my experience, I can attest to her claim. The divorce amongst other happenings had uprooted everything I had thought and experienced as a safe, and nourishing relationship. It was at a time when I felt like there was nothing left to lose where Azzah began to foster, with great understand and care, a new relationship with myself. She had guided me to re-orient my awareness in order to reflect on my own struggles. This was a priceless instrument that had taught me how deserving everyone is to speak out our emotions, live in our own nature and have healthy relationships.


       Only after high-school did I reacquaint myself with Azzah in Mexico. I had been going through difficult times with school, family and friends. I was unsure of my life and where to take it. In this place, Azzah had taught me another priceless lesson. The dreams, passions and purposes that we have as people also have every right to exist and be discovered to their utmost potential. No matter what others say to deter you, follow your hearts work in this life and everything else will work out.


       I have had the chance to get to know Azzah and transform with her throughout the years. In fact, we continue to shape-shift together as the circumstances of life's lessons emerge. She has been a great teacher and an even better friend gearing me to, in turn, contribute to others and partake in life. Azzah’s lessons have been so potent because she continuously strives to work on herself and drives herself to listen to the truth in others. This is how she encourages healing. She is not afraid to speak genuinely and constantly considers the worth and respect of each being. Working in a non-conventional way, Azzah reminds us that holding space for another means living and exploring hardships as a family. Her free spirit gives way for pushing the boundaries that need to fall and truly harness our inner selves.  Thank you for being a part of my life!"