· Trauma

 Healing emotional trauma is the most important thing you can do

An emotional wound does not heal with time.

It blocks us from being present and puts us in re-action to life. It shows up in all our relationships, that's why the divorce rate is so high despite all vows and promises. Each person in the relationship is triggered by the other.

We become negative, rigid and get lost in hurt and suffering, attracting the same emotional pain over and over again.

It blocks our potential and possibilities.

Our creativity, imagination and innovation begin to atrophy.

We owe it to ourselves to clear what is not our nature.

By healing our emotional wounds, we come out of repetitive self-destructive patterns, out of fear fantasies and into the present moment.

All the great sages through time say:

“You are much greater than you can possibly imagine”

And that will be the outcome of clearing the density of emotional wounds.