​By changing our thinking we can change our world.


 For more than 3 decades I have been facilitating and coaching individuals to break free from deeply conditioned and predictable responses in their lives.


Which means freedom from past traumas and limiting beliefs.

I work with clients for true self-knowledge by working on the intellectual, emotional, physical intuitive and spiritual levels.

Who are we underneath all the social and cultural programmed response?

The great sages of all time say:
“You are much greater than you can possible imagine, and the greatest tragedy is to go to your grave not knowning the potential you are."

                    My Brief History
I grew up on a ranch in the Australian country side.
As a child my first teachers were Australian Aboriginal shamans to which I have great respect.


When I left Australia I first moved to Bangkok to study Buddhism.

I started counseling and rescuing young girls and boys in Thailand and Philippine from sexual slavery.

I then set up communities and supported them in creating a cottage industry to be self-sustainable.


Azzah organizes conferences on Women's Wisdom.

And conferences on topical subjects that are important to her like Climate Change.

She gives lectures and conducts seminars on the Enneagram. 

She interviews interesting people on her You Tube channel called,

"Azzah Manukova".

For more than 30 years Azzah has been a,

Life Coach,

Giving Lectures, 

Conducted Seminars,

Group Therapy,

And Private Therapy Sessions.

Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand.


She worked at Saikojy temple in Kyoto with Buddhist monks.

She did seminars in Nairobi, Kenya educating young girls about the dangers of female circumcision.

She also worked in the Philippines and Thailand saving children from sexual slavery, she helped them create a cottage industry, for example making toys together to sell in the market. 

In New York she worked in Crown Heights with the Jewish community.

She worked with individuals in the corporate world coaching them out of limiting beliefs.

She gives lectures in universities and conferences. 

She helps people actualizing their potency.


      Azzah studied Gestalt therapy in Tokyo for 6 years with Paula Battome who         was a therapist from the Gestalt insitute in San Fransisco.

  • Acupuncture in Tokyo

  • Studied with psychic healers in the Philippines

  • Gestalt therapy in San Franciso, California.

  • Tao Diagnosis in China

  • Thai massage in Bangkok and Koh Smui Island                                       

  • Theosophy in Mombay India with a Blavatskaya teacher

  • Budhism in Thailand                                              

  • Enneagram

  • (and is now working with) Indigenous medicine and  spiritual practice with a Mexican Shaman. 

  • Practicing Vipassana meditation for 25 years

  • Participated in an emotional release course in the Humaniversity in Amsterdam

  • Psycho drama

  • Saitai, an ancient Japanese form of emotional physical release

  • Dance therapy

  • Bioenergetics in Tokyo


​       Japan Times

      Life in Process, original prose poetry

      Video "Evolve out of Violence"

      Insight Magazine

      Interview Angela Jeff’s video

      You Tube channel, "Azzah Manukova"

      Radio interview in Portland, Oregon

      TV and newspaper article in Ossetia

      TV interview in New York


People who wish to clear life draining negative beliefs.
People who wish to clear self destructive behavior.
People that want to come out of paralyzing fears, anxiety,

victimization, depression.
People that don’t want to bring their past into their future.  
People that tolerate verbal, emotional, or physically abuse.

People that just want to keep growing, learning, evolving.


Being aware of oneself objectively.

Freedom to choose a different action as apposed to being in reaction and creating the same history.


Whatever kept happening to you when you were young is what you learnt to do to yourself.
Transformation means changing automatic responses. 

Being a slave to your conditioning is a waste of life.
You are not only accustomed to being in this state of slavery, but you justify and defend the beliefs that keep small.

Toxins accumulate in the body and so does stress.
For example, imagine if you never cleaned your teeth.

Now imagine that on an emotional level.

 Thinking positively does not clear the root cause.
 Transformation is a process of becoming; 
The breakdown of the present frame of mind allows a more profound understanding to emerge.

And possibilities that can guide you away from destruction towards transformation.
 J.G.Bennett:           Opportunities and decisions play together to make                                                  transformation possible.
De Salzmann:        Not freedom for myself but freedom from myself.
Plato:                      What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.
Florence Becker:    By changing our thinking we can change our world.
Joseph Champbell: On the brink of illumination the old ways are very                                                  seductive and liable to pull you back.