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About Azzah

My early years were growing up on a ranch in the Australian countryside. My first teachers were the Australian Aboriginal Elders, for whom I have great respect. After leaving Australia, I lived and studied in Asia for 23 years.


In 1995 I ran through Japan with Denis Banks, a civil rights leader from the Chippewa tribe. He started the American Indian Movement with Russell Means. We ran along the coast from Sapporo in the north of Japan starting on the 21st of June, ending in Hiroshima on the 5th of August for the 50th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

Wrote “Life in Process”, a small book of prose poetry.

Azzah has been conducting transformational seminars over the past 30 years offering LIFE COACHING on 5 continents, including:  Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand.


Life Coaching:

  • Private practice in Psychotherapy and trauma release.

  • Offer Group Therapy sessions.

  • Have lead multiple 5 day Intensive retreats.

  • Work experience includes actively rescuing and counseling young girls and boys in Thailand and the Philippines from sexual slavery.

  • Educated young girls in Nairobi about the dangers of female circumcision.

  • Conducted transnational workshops at Saikoji Temple in Kyoto with Mokugen, a Buddhist monk.

  • Counseled members of the Jewish community in Crown Heights NY.

  • Corporate clients hire me to do private intensives to release trauma.

  • I organize conferences on Women's Wisdom, as well as other current topical subjects, personal evolution, and different healing modalities.

  • Have given lectures and seminars on the Enneagram. 

  • My YouTube channel "Azzah Manukova" has many videos with interesting people from many walks of life.

Featured Media: 

  • Japan Times article and video 

  • Insight Magazine

  • Radio interview in Portland, Oregon

  • TV and newspaper article in Ossetia Republic of Russia

  • TV interview in New York 

  • Article in Atención San Miguel, an English language newspaper in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



  Graduated from a 6 year program of Gestalt therapy in Tokyo with Paula Bottome (from the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco).


 Eight years attending summer intensives of Gestalt Therapy in San Francisco, CA with Cyndy Sheldon.

Previous & Ongoing Training & Education

  • Studied various psychic healing techniques in the Philippines.

  • Learned Tao Energy Diagnosis in China.

  • Took classes in Thai massage in Thailand.

  • Studied Theosophy in India with a Blavatskaya teacher.

  • Took classes in Buddhism in both Thailand and Japan.

  • Studied the Enneagram with many teachers including Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

  • Worked with an Indigenous medicine and energy healer;  Don Pablo, a Mexican Curandero.

  • Took an Emotional Release course at the Humaniversity in Amsterdam.

  • Learned rebirthing techniques through breathwork.

  • Studied Saitai, an ancient Japanese form of emotional physical release.

  • Studied dance therapy with Lindsey Kemp and others.

Trained with Dr. Gabor Mate in his Compassionate Inquiry and trauma healing system.

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