Azzah's Philosophy 


We live in a time of constant changes and time seems to be speeding up. 

It’s a time of accelerating global and personal transformation. 

And because of this, it's a great opportunity to break out of our cultural and social conditioning.

We can choose to allow our life to devolve through unconscious habitual predictability, a gradual decline into disorder and suffering also known as entropy. 

Or, we can choose to wake ourselves up through intentional inner work.

Who are we underneath all the traumatic wounds, under our social and cultural programmed responses?

“When we change our thinking, we change our world.”

"Azzah has been facilitating and coaching individuals to break free from conditioned responses, from past traumas and limiting beliefs that control our live".

"Azzah’s focus is on the inner search for true self-knowledge by working on the intellectual, emotional, physical, intuitive and spiritual levels".

The great sages of all time say: 

“You are much greater than you can possible imagine, and the tragedy of life is not knowing or living your own potential."

Brief History :

Azzah grew up on a ranch in the Australian countryside.
As a child, her first teachers were Australian Aboriginal Elders, for whom she has great respect.

After leaving Australia, she lived and studied in Asia for 23 years.

Her professional training includes:

Graduated a 6 year program of Gestalt therapy in Tokyo with Paula Bottome (from the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco) 1985 to 1991

  • Eight years of summer intensives in Gestalt Therapy in San Francisco, CA with Cyndy Sheldon, 1985 to 1993.

  • Various psychic healing techniques in the Philippines

  • Tao Energy Diagnosis in China

  • Thai massage in Thailand

  • Theosophy in Mumbai, India with a Blavatskaya teacher

  • Buddhism in Thailand and Japan

  • Enneagram system of personality types with Don Riso and Russ Hudson

  • Indigenous medicine and energy healing with Don Pablo, a Mexican Curandero 

  • Emotional release course at the Humaniversity in Holland

  • Rebirthing through breath work

  • Saitai, an ancient Japanese form of emotional physical release

  • Dance therapy

  • Trained with Dr. Gabor Mate in his Compassionate Inquiry and trauma healing system.

  • For more than 30 years and active on 5 continents, Azzah has been helping people release themselves from the long term horror of trauma to open up the possibility of actualize their potential.

  • Countries include Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand.

She is a:

Life Coach, helping eradicate limiting beliefs

Psychotherapist in private practice

Group Therapy leader

Leader of multi day Intensive retreats


Lecturer and Workshop/Seminar leader

She was active in rescuing and counseling young girls and boys in Thailand and Philippine to heal them from sexual slavery.

She conducted seminars in Nairobi Kenya to educate young girls about the dangers of female circumcision.

She conducted transnational workshops at Saikoji Temple in Kyoto with Mokugen, a Buddhist monk.

In New York City, she counselled members of the Jewish community in Crown Heights.

Her corporate clients hire her to help them out of rigid predictable beliefs into a more open creative flow.


 In1995 she ran through Japan with Denis Banks a civil rights leader from the Chippewa tribe. He started the American Indian Movement with Russell Means. "We ran along the coast from Sapporo the north of Japan starting on the 21st of June, ending in Hiroshima on the 5th of August for the 50th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima".

Azzah organizes conferences on Women's Wisdom, as well as other current topical subjects including climate change, personal evolution and different healing modalities.

She gives lectures and conducts seminars on the Enneagram. 
She interviews interesting people on her YouTube channel "Azzah Manukova".

Azzah has been featured in numerous media internationally including:
​Japan Times article and video 
Insight Magazine
Radio interview in Portland, Oregon
TV and newspaper article in Ossetia Republic if Russia
TV interview in New York 
Atencion San Miguel in Mexico

She has published “Life in Process”, a short book containing her original prose poetry
She also wrote, produced and starred in a short video entitled "Evolve out of Violence".

Azzah is available for individual or group transformation counselling speaking engagements, and workshops.