What Clients Say...

“After working with Azzah everything changed. I'm now a successful psychotherapist. I'm working with kids and adults...I've done things in the drug abuse field and in mental health and all kinds of things that I wouldn't have done before.”​

James Feiser.

Before I met Azzah, I lived a half-life. I had just recovered from cancer, which nearly killed me at the age of 39. During chemotherapy, I knew that if I didn't do something to change what I believed about life, about myself I wouldn't be given another chance


"Having met Azzah at the age of 10 was a true gift.  She started counseling my family during a period of major conflict and divorce. It was a time where each family member had particular needs.

As Azzah puts it,"Crisis are the greatest moments for change.” Divorce had uprooted everything I had thought and experienced as safe. It was at a time     of great trauma for the family. With great understand and care Azzah brought me into a new relationship with myself.

       After high-school I met Azzah again in Mexico. I had been going through difficult times with school, family and friends. I was unsure of my life and where to take it. At this time Azzah had taught me another priceless lesson, that dreams, passions and purpose have a right to exist. 

 Azzah's work is potent and not at all conventional.


"Azzah is a direct wise wild woman and she helped changed my life"

Rob Johnson.  Architect

I met Azzah 30 years  ago in Kyoto Japan, she is a  wild woman and she gets results. 

Stevan Sulaway

Azzah helped me work through things I didn't know I needed to. She is very good at helping you uncover things that are holding you back. In 9 months I worked with her I regained my motivation and peace. Kate Gardine