Enneagram Workshop

The Enneagram is an ancient esoteric system showing us our personality fixations.

We have a personality, we are not a personality.

Personality is a predictable survival response that can be observed.


It locks us in repetition reaction. 

The Enneagram is a moving force from fixation to potent possibilities.


In the workshop you will learn tools to free yourself from your own fixations.

The greatest happiness is to know the source of our unhappiness.

  By changing our thinking we can change our whole world.

Inner Alchemy Workshop

Alchemy, turning one substance into another. 

Turning lead, dense metal, into Gold, the highest vibrating metal.

 A metaphor for evolution.

Life is a series of experiences:

Good. Bad. Good. Bad. Good. Bad...

Our parents, society,  culture, religion

And all that comes with life's experiences

Create feelings of rejection, of abandonment

Teaching us to fear our internal selves.    

This separation from self is traumatic

And trauma literally changes the brain

It blocks information processing


Which makes us easily manipulated.


Some of the symptoms are:

Can not regulate impulses or emotions

Experience cycles of compulsive behavior


Feel unable to have a true connection with yourself or others


Have difficulty relaxing, or feeling calm in your body

Feel constantly overwhelmed and exposed, or numb

Experience a sense of loss and personal defectiveness

Struggle with self-defeating beliefs and behavior

Alternate between feelings of shame, self-loathing and guilt, and not knowing why.


Some coping mechanisms are addiction to:






Being right


Abusive relationships

Or anything that is self-destructive but relaxes you momentarily, and has a long-time negative effect on your life.


Alchemy is the process of trans-form-ation of energy.


For example a client couldn’t express himself as a child so he hid. Now as an adult he has a fear of self-expression. He is not in touch with his needs and many times he doesn’t even know what he feel. And he didn't develop the language to be able to express himself.


The past impacts the present.

We can not run away from ourselves.

Trauma exhausts the immune system. 

If you have autoimmune dis-eases such as asthma, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, skin allergies and many more including some cancers, most likely they are caused by trauma. 

In my workshops:

We will journey to the root causes of self separation 


Search out the un-investigated childhood survival beliefs


And create an internal sense of safety.

Which will result in coming out of re-action into conscious intentional action.

The Universe loves courage.

When you take action to liberate yourself from your programmed mind, the Universe connects you to higher states.