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Indigenous cultures for eons used plant medicines  for awakening and connecting to the spirit world. We are now finding that lack of spiritual connection to life creates mind dis-eases and psychosis of different types.  There were 7 speakers each one represented a different psychedelia plant medicine.


This was a very enlightening interview with Lady Zen at the Sant Anna theater in San Miguel. Lady Zen identifies as Queer, she educated us on the diversity of sexual expressions which there are many. One of the questions was, were you born that way or was it a social construct? We had lots of Q@A and one man went away with more understanding of his grandsons situation.

Heading 2


UUFO's true or false? 

I still don't know, but Alan having done 40 years of research had lots to say. Baba Vanga a Russian psychic who died in 1980's said "Look up do you really think you are the only conscious life form in existence".FO's

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